Family Devotional

Hey J-Town families! I hope your week is beginning nicely! In this week's Lesson Plans (below) our kids will learn about Jesus meeting with the Samaritan woman at the well.

This is one of my favorite encounters Jesus has. The author, John, decides to first portray Jesus as being tired and wanting to rest. Wow... Have you slowed down to reflect on the weight of this? This is a beautiful reminder that God wants us to know that our Lord understands our fatigue and that He sees our weariness. John goes on to tell us that Jesus wasn't concerned with the woman's social class, nor her duties, nor even her previous sins--as he will still address those later in a way--no, the first thing he wants do is call her into communion with him. He calls her to stop her work and rest with him... to just enter into a relationship with him for the moment.

You see, she came there with her water jar to carry out the daily job of refilling it. But after her encounter with Jesus... finally choosing to stop and rest from her work, all of her busyness, all of her thoughts, all of her expectations, she sees him for who he is and decides to go tell others. And here's another beautiful blink-and-you-miss-it line: John tells us that she left her water jar behind. While we need water, and in fact have jobs that truly have to get done, we can often carry around jars of busyness and expectations that can keep us from slowing down and resting with the Lord.

It's hard to not be busy in our culture. But what would it look like if we made the effort to show our kids that not getting to that one item on the agenda that just had to be done that day was ok if it meant spending a little bit longer with the Lord--whether in prayer, bible study, worshipping, talking to them about Jesus, or in any other personal way that you like connecting with the Lord. Here's my guess: you already probably make decisions to do that... but are your kids able to see those sacrifices? Here's my challenge: bring them in on that, and encourage them to prize resting with the Lord the way that Christ calls us to here in John 4.

Activity sheets for teaching your kids
General teaching tips
  • Get on their level—sit together at the kitchen table or together on the floor and meet their eye-line.
  • Make it comfortable—grab a snack, curl up on the couch, or do it in your PJs.
  • Don't feel the need to read the lesson word for word or to even finish—use it as a springboard to share the story of Jesus' birth in your own words.
  • Feel free to not teach and let us do it—take a break and use the videos that will be posted weekly on the Facebook group page.
  • Show them your Bible—show them the words inside and how the Bible is organized into books. Remind them that every word is true and we can trust what it says.
  • Be excited to share the love of Jesus—children will rise to your level of excitement.
  • At the end of the lesson is a time to pray. I encourage you to pray for those who are severely affected by the virus; for the our leaders as they make decisions about our city, state, and country; and for peace for our church family during these trying times.
Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or if you need anything.

Jordan Goings

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