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Sojourn Midtown is committed to sending healthy members to multiply disciples and churches in international cities. This relentless passion for missions is expressed in our commitment to give a significant amount of our resources and energies to assessing, developing, sending, and caring for the missionaries we send out from Sojourn and through committed relationships with faithful national partners.

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We have a 3-step process for those who are interested in being sent out as a missionary from Midtown. Visit our Sending Process page to learn about our international sending process and share with your community group leaders about your desire to serve long-term overseas. 

Our Sending Process

A great first step is to participate in Live Sent, our 8-week class which lays a foundation for the biblical basis for mission and our role in it. Another way is to learn about missions is to participate in one of our global trips and serve our missionaries overseas. 

Live Sent

Our ministry philosophy is to invest in those raised up and sent out through the local church. In order to do this well, we are not able to financially support organizations or missionaries outside of

We desire to send out healthy, committed members from our church who are involved in a community group. At this time only Midtown members may participate in Midtown trips. For more information about how to become a member at Midtown, see our membership page.

Membership at Sojourn

We communicate with our Midtown missionaries to learn who has needs within their ministries on the field. We send teams to locations where our missionaries have expressed desire and need for a team to come and serve in some way. At this time we do not send teams to partner with missionaries unaffiliated with Sojourn Midtown. 

Trip leaders are Midtown members who are involved in a community group, have filled out our trip leader application and gone through our leader training. Trip leaders typically have some type of overseas experience and/or have participated in one of our global trips in the past.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a scholarship for global trip participants. We offer a partial scholarship to our trip leaders. 

Each team meets together five times before leaving for pre-trip trainings led by the team leader which will cover topics such as sharing the Gospel in another culture, team unity, and fundraising.

While individual teams cannot host a fundraiser on a Sunday morning, teams are able to request the use of church facilities for a fundraiser on other days of the week when there are no other Sojourn events scheduled. Midtown cannot promote individual team fundraisers on social media or other forms of church communication.

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